Everything Kawaii Hairdressing Tools

Your Hair Dressing Tools Will Look As Adorable As You Are

There are so many amazing and cute hairdressing tools out on the market that it is sometimes hard to wrap your head around it all. In pursuit of the cute, and the practical, we went searching the Amazon (dot com) and other likely shopping places to find some of the most adorable tools for taking care of your hair. Cute brushes and combs and clips were easy to find, but really sweet drying and curling tools were a bit more of a challenge. We think you will love this buyers' guide. Enjoy ❣

Buy brushes from AliExpress.com - $3.71

Buy Hair Braider Machine from Amazon.com - $22.99

Buy from AliExpress - $1.33 each

Buy from For The Love of Rilakkuma - $17.90 

Buy from Storenvy - $23.00

Buy from Ulta - $89.95

Buy from Blippo Kawaii Shop - $3.90

Buy from YesStyle - $16.90

Buy Strawberry Hair Curlers from AliExpress.com - $1.34

Buy from Amazon.com - $20.99

Buy from Sparks Color - $15.99 (kit)

Buy Braiding Tool from Amazon.com - $1.92

Buy from Amazon.com - $27.00

Buy Hairbrush Cleaner from Karma Kiss - $4.40

Buy from Mermaid Perfume - $60.00

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